Live from the Super Bowl Scene

03 Feb 2012
Posted by Market and Main Media

Our Indianapolis office overlooks Monument Circle, so the team there has had front row seats to all of the Super Bowl party action. They have graciously agree to give us the inside scoop about working so close to the biggest party in the world of sports. more

Local TV Social Influence Rankings: Chicago

05 Jan 2012
Posted by Brian Spencer

Local media outlets have always had authority in their markets. With the advent of social media, this authority can now be quantified with tools like Klout. This example shows the social influence of the major network affiliate stations in Chicago. more

New Car Features Challenge Traditional Radio

03 Jan 2012
Posted by Market and Main Media

The radio industry is dependent on in-car “drive time” listeners. New in-car technology is changing how drivers use radio and could impact terrestrial radio ratings. Watch this great video of Mark Ramsey interviewing the founder of Livio Radio. more

5 Factors that Change Consumers into Shoppers

26 Aug 2011
Posted by Brian Spencer

Brick-and-mortar walls no longer define the difference between a consumer and a shopper. A recent survey by JWT Action reveals drivers which switch consumers into shoppers in this new fluid environment. more

Local Media Roundup: Southeast Edition

16 Aug 2011
Posted by Market and Main Media

Brands and marketers need to know about local media news and events that might impact advertising schedules. This is where we recap the top stories about local media properties. more

Video: How Mobile Devices are Transforming Retail

12 Aug 2011
Posted by Market and Main Media

In this video, ABC News explores how shopper expectations for retail have changed as a result of mobiles and tablets. The near-future of retail looks pretty cool. more

How Social TV Will Save Traditional TV

08 Aug 2011
Posted by Brian Spencer

Social TV has big potential for marketers and TV networks. Even programs with a modest audience could produce big results if they generate social conversations. Here are the key benefits for advertisers and networks: more